Kitchen Design Figure Eight Island, NC






Figure Eight Island is a pristine island and private community in Wilmington, NC. After vacationing here for many years, they decided it was the perfect place for a city getaway. The house is a little jewel built originally as a guesthouse to a future main house. The house was designed and the kitchen location already established when I was hired so many of the room elements were already established that I had to work with for my design.

My client had his nose pressed to the window of my New Canaan studio because he knew exactly what he wanted; the most beautiful English cabinetry money can buy. The kitchen features handmade cabinetry in a butter color paint combined with Pippy Oak, sometimes referred to as character oak, a wood indigenous to England and known for it’s character. Several signature pieces were designed for the kitchen including a Pippy Oak armoire as the housing for the Subzero refrigerator and freezers, a breakfront and a range hood complete with custom English ironwork details. My client wanted everything in the blue and cream. After an exhaustive search for the perfect countertop, VanGogh granite was chosen for it’s striking colors and unique characteristics. The island countertop features Pyrolave, a very special fired lava stone from France. While Pyrolave is known for their rich jewel tones the buttercream color was chosen to compliment the cabinetry.

Not shown is a semicircular window with a built in banquet seat, a round table and chairs overlooking the water. This was special project, home and lovely clients.

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