Kitchen Design New Canaan, CT





This client came knocking with a treasure trove of blue and white Chinoiserie vases, Chinese armoires and many other unique pieces from living in China for several years. It presented the perfect opportunity to design a kitchen with one of my favorite palettes of blue, black and white. Knocking down a wall to expose a room seldom used was on my radar from the moment I walked in the house as well as creating a better flow in and out of the adjoining family room. The reconfigured existing kitchen and two adjoining rooms completely changed how the family was able to use the existing space in their home vs. adding unnecessary additional space. This allowed me freedom in the design process to envision the space in a whole new way and work in new windows for better light and address all of the clients needs and wants.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Rebecca on my kitchen renovation for many reasons. Our kitchen project was part of a larger home renovation and during the process we fired our contractor causing a huge delays. She was incredibly patient and understanding through as well as a great advisor through the entire ordeal. Rebecca held our hands and stuck with us as we sorted out our mess. Throughout the entire design phase of our project Rebecca happily made revisions when I changed my mind. She made each revision with a wonderful attitude and fresh approach.

I felt comfortable whenever I wanted to make a change. In addition to this and probably more importantly, Rebecca brought us many original ideas that allowed us to maximize the limited space we had to work with. I absolutely love my kitchen. It is a beautiful and functional space our entire family enjoys every day.”

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