Greenwich Kitchen Transformation

Greenwich, CT

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Greenwich Kitchen Transformation

A Greenwich backcountry estate gets a luxury kitchen, pantry and family room renovation from head to toe. As an avid cook and parent of three young boys our client had a list of items that needed to be checked off for the new design. The clients anticipated selling the house in the near future so an updated kitchen would be a huge selling point as kitchens are a driving force in home sales.  We felt confident about the renovation investment once the budget was set.  In addition, her spouse had some requests, too.

“I don’t care what you do to the kitchen, or what it looks like, but you have to figure out how to get it ventilated properly. It has to work well, and it has to be quiet.”

Ventilation improvement was key to the design.  Both owners wanted a high-functioning, low sound hood that could control cooking odors. As large as this kitchen was, there were limitations on what type of ventilation system could be installed, such as the kitchen being “land locked” between rooms that could not be changed. Natural light was limited, too so keeping the existing window design was imperative.

After stealthy investigative work on the part of my favorite local contractor, our design dilemma was resolved. The contractor found a pathway to get a vent system installed providing effective ventilation and design integrity.  The result is a beautiful, functional cooks’ kitchen that met the needs of the owners, while increasing the real estate value of their home.

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