The Pink Playroom

Darien, CT

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Rebecca Reynolds Design
Rebecca Reynolds Design
Rebecca Reynolds Design

Pink, pink and more pink. It seemed that whenever I was at the house my client’s little girls were donning pink tutu’s over whatever outfit they had on for the day. I just loved it!

I had two boys so pink was never a part of my own homes decorating so I was thrilled that my client jumped on board. Naturally I asked the girls if pink would be ok and they jumped for joy.

I decided if I was going pink, I was going all in. One of my favorite color combinations is adding a bit or orange with the pink. I also didn’t want this to be a typical “little girl look”. When I took on this project, I had just returned from a design trip to Morocco and of course my design brain was swirling with color and pattern. The design of this 1/2 bath should be able to grow with the girls and not feel dated or too young. I think the use of the Moroccan patterned wallpaper achieved a fun playful look without feeling juvenile. I went a little over the top with a lacquered bubble gum pink ceiling and while the clients and their girls loved it, it’s a very easy thing to change if they tire of it or just need a change. I like to add elements that are surprising into a design but ones that can also be changed easily when you tire of it. All the bathroom fittings and fixture are from the line of DXV luxurious bathroom products. Shown in this bath is the DXV sink, a modern version of a classic pedestal sink, one of my favorites, the Keefe faucet and the one piece minimalist Equility toilet. I happen to love a one-piece toilet, mainly for aesthetic reasons but truly a one-piece toilet without alot of nooks and crannies to get into is so much easier to clean and THAT matters.

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